Hammered Flower Prints

hammered flower prints - title

In our house, it can take a bit of imagination to make any activity more enticing than screen time. Telling the kids we were going to make a postcard to send to Nanny, simply by bashing flowers with a hammer, worked a treat! We had a great time checking out the garden for our flowery victims, and I have to be honest, our results far exceeded my expectations.

hammered flower prints - you will need

We then simply positioned our flower on the paper, covered with 3 layers of kitchen towel, and hammered away, making sure we had worked across the entire area that the petals were positioned in.

hammered flower prints - cover with kitchen towel



Once you have hammered your covered area, gently peel back the kitchen towel, and if necessary, peel of any petal residue from your masterpiece. We added our flowers one at a time and repeated the process, which worked well for us - the more adventurous of you, may want to try and do a few at a time!

hammered flower prints - continue to build up your print

hammered flower prints - yellow and red flowers

First, we gathered together hammers, kitchen towel, watercolour paper postcards and a selection of flowers.



hammered flower prints - position your petals

We found that flowers with thin delicate petals worked the best, the blue flowers I believe are a type of rock cress, and we also found wall flowers worked well too. Part of the joy of this activity was trying out lots of different sorts of flowers, so I don't want to put in too many spoilers; I will say, however, that Chive flowers don't look nearly as attractive, once you have taken a hammer to them!

hammered flower prints - carefully peel back towel


We were really pleased with how our printing turned out. When I walked the dog this morning, I noticed the first buttercups are now coming out around us - I think these would be perfect for this method, so will try them next!

hammered flower prints - finished

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